LED Highbay 150W

  • Replace 400W metal halide type highbay
  • Long lifespan, >50000hr
  • 150W
  • 150lm/W
  • 220-240V input
  • 110° beam angle
  • Separate chamber for LED driver for better heat dissipation
  • 0-10V dimmable
  • -40°C to 50°C operating temperature
  • IP65 waterproof
  • IK08 impact protection
  • PC diffuser (850°C glow-wire test), metal reflector and mounting bracket as accessories are available
  • 7 Year Warranty
Tư Vấn - mua hàng hotline: 0976920976

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High Bay Accessories:

65985: Mounting bracket UFO highbay

66365: UFO highbay 90degree reflector

Geometric Data
Height (mm): 205 mm
Diameter (mm): 330 mm
Weight (g): 4.2 kg

Electric Data
Wattage: 150 W
Voltage: 220-240 V AC
Power Factor: ≥0.9
Operating Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Photometric Data
Total Luminous Flux (lm): 22500
CRI: ≥80
CCT: 5000 K – Daylight
Luminous Intensity (cd): 7700Cd
Beam Angle (°): 110°
Lifetime: 50,000 hrs
Equivalent to (W) 400W metal halide highbay

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465 reviews for LED Highbay 150W

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