Reflector MR16 6W 3000K

  • Replacement for low voltage 42 W halogen lamp
  • Lifetime of 15,000 hrs
  • Ideal for accent lighting in hotels, hospitals, shops, restaurants or museums
  • 35° beam angle
  • 86% Energy Saving
  • Non-dimmable
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12 volt driven MR16 LED lamps with bi-pin push-fit GU5.3 base directly replace standard MR16 halogen lamps. Delivering a warm, halogen-like accent beam and offering a very long lifetime, Verbatim has extended its range of retrofit LED lamps for spotlight applications with a line of LED MR16 with the highest luminous efficacy on the market. The LED MR16 GU5.3 features a unique heatsink designed by parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and the combination of COB (Chip On Board) LED technology with diamond cut optics.

MR16 GU5.3 LEDs are favoured for directional lighting as well as for mood lighting. They offer flexibility of mounting arrangements where the space is limited.
Ideal for spotlighting and general lighting in public areas such as restaurants, reception, corridors, lobbies and conference rooms and other areas where the light is used for long periods of time.


Wattage: 6W
Wattage Equivalent: 42W
Beam Angle: 35°
Lifetime: 15,000hrs
Dimensions (L x D) mm: 45 x 50mm
Weight: 29g

65969: 470lm
65267: 510lm

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454 reviews for Reflector MR16 6W 3000K

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